Class RecordComponentRemapper

    • Field Detail

      • remapper

        protected final Remapper remapper
        The remapper used to remap the types in the visited field.
    • Constructor Detail

      • RecordComponentRemapper

        protected RecordComponentRemapper​(int api,
                                          RecordComponentVisitor recordComponentVisitor,
                                          Remapper remapper)
        Constructs a new RecordComponentRemapper.
        api - the ASM API version supported by this remapper. Must be one of Opcodes.ASM8 or Opcodes.ASM9.
        recordComponentVisitor - the record component visitor this remapper must delegate to.
        remapper - the remapper to use to remap the types in the visited record component.
    • Method Detail

      • visitAnnotation

        public AnnotationVisitor visitAnnotation​(java.lang.String descriptor,
                                                 boolean visible)
        Description copied from class: RecordComponentVisitor
        Visits an annotation of the record component.
        visitAnnotation in class RecordComponentVisitor
        descriptor - the class descriptor of the annotation class.
        visible - true if the annotation is visible at runtime.
        a visitor to visit the annotation values, or null if this visitor is not interested in visiting this annotation.
      • createAnnotationRemapper

        protected AnnotationVisitor createAnnotationRemapper​(java.lang.String descriptor,
                                                             AnnotationVisitor annotationVisitor)
        Constructs a new remapper for annotations. The default implementation of this method returns a new AnnotationRemapper.
        descriptor - the descriptor sof the visited annotation.
        annotationVisitor - the AnnotationVisitor the remapper must delegate to.
        the newly created remapper.