Class StaticInitMerger

  • public class StaticInitMerger
    extends ClassVisitor
    A ClassVisitor that merges <clinit> methods into a single one. All the existing <clinit> methods are renamed, and a new one is created, which calls all the renamed methods.
    • Constructor Detail

      • StaticInitMerger

        public StaticInitMerger​(java.lang.String prefix,
                                ClassVisitor classVisitor)
        Constructs a new StaticInitMerger. Subclasses must not use this constructor. Instead, they must use the StaticInitMerger(int, String, ClassVisitor) version.
        prefix - the prefix to use to rename the existing <clinit> methods.
        classVisitor - the class visitor to which this visitor must delegate method calls. May be null.
    • Method Detail

      • visit

        public void visit​(int version,
                          int access,
                          java.lang.String name,
                          java.lang.String signature,
                          java.lang.String superName,
                          java.lang.String[] interfaces)
        Description copied from class: ClassVisitor
        Visits the header of the class.
        visit in class ClassVisitor
        version - the class version. The minor version is stored in the 16 most significant bits, and the major version in the 16 least significant bits.
        access - the class's access flags (see Opcodes). This parameter also indicates if the class is deprecated Opcodes.ACC_DEPRECATED or a record Opcodes.ACC_RECORD.
        name - the internal name of the class (see Type.getInternalName()).
        signature - the signature of this class. May be null if the class is not a generic one, and does not extend or implement generic classes or interfaces.
        superName - the internal of name of the super class (see Type.getInternalName()). For interfaces, the super class is Object. May be null, but only for the Object class.
        interfaces - the internal names of the class's interfaces (see Type.getInternalName()). May be null.
      • visitMethod

        public MethodVisitor visitMethod​(int access,
                                         java.lang.String name,
                                         java.lang.String descriptor,
                                         java.lang.String signature,
                                         java.lang.String[] exceptions)
        Description copied from class: ClassVisitor
        Visits a method of the class. This method must return a new MethodVisitor instance (or null) each time it is called, i.e., it should not return a previously returned visitor.
        visitMethod in class ClassVisitor
        access - the method's access flags (see Opcodes). This parameter also indicates if the method is synthetic and/or deprecated.
        name - the method's name.
        descriptor - the method's descriptor (see Type).
        signature - the method's signature. May be null if the method parameters, return type and exceptions do not use generic types.
        exceptions - the internal names of the method's exception classes (see Type.getInternalName()). May be null.
        an object to visit the byte code of the method, or null if this class visitor is not interested in visiting the code of this method.
      • visitEnd

        public void visitEnd()
        Description copied from class: ClassVisitor
        Visits the end of the class. This method, which is the last one to be called, is used to inform the visitor that all the fields and methods of the class have been visited.
        visitEnd in class ClassVisitor